We present Roberto Bolla, our Professional skipper.

“The sea has these things; everything returns after a while, especially memories”

(C. Ruiz Zafon)

My name is Roberto and besides representing the company Alegranza Experience I will be the skipper of the boat that will take you to spend a special day aboard the Papua, touring the Bay of Cádiz.

 Yacht captain and professional recreational boat skipper, since i was child i had passion and love for the sea, nature and different cultures. For all these reasons i traveled and llived in different countries contributing personal growth and the use of 4 different languages ​​(I speak Italian, Spanish, English and French). In every place where I lived I have increased my experience and knowledge of the sea. Above all in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) I  added a wide knowledge and practice of sport fishing with particular respect to the species and the marine environment. I am a fervent follower of the practice of “catch and release”.

 With Alegranza Experience I will make sure that your tuning with the marine environment is not deprived of relax, comforts and activities and that the experience adds a great value to your vacations.

Do you want to live an Alegranza Experience?

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